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Wedding Singer

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Singer for Your Special Day

Are you planning a wedding and are deciding on whether you should hire a DJ or a wedding singer? When it comes to planning your wedding, you want to make sure that everything goes perfectly, so one of the most important decisions you will have to make is in regards to the entertainment. Let us tell you why going with a wedding singer would be the best option.  


While a DJ and vocalist, both, use music to keep people entertained, a wedding singer keeps people engaged. People are more attentive when it comes to live music. Even when a DJ is blasting music through the speakers, it is easy to get sucked into long conversations at the dinner table or to get on your phone and look through social media. With a live vocalist, more people are attentive to what is going on stage and the band’s live performance. While a DJ stands there and plays music, a wedding singer can engage with the audience, motivate them and get them out of their shells to ensure that everyone has a good time. Since they are engaged with the audience, it allows them to better cater to their needs. Also, with a wedding singer, you are almost guaranteed a great performance because, for most vocalists, this is not only a job, but a passion which could lead to something bigger. Plus, from young kids to older folks, no matter what age, everyone can appreciate a live performance. 


If you are near San Antonio and would like to hire a vocalist or wedding singer for your special day, check out Leslie-Anne of Golden Reign. 


Leslie-Anne is a Soprano vocalist in San Antonio, TX. She started singing at the age of 7, and began to learn to play the piano and clarinet when she was 11 years old but new singing was her primary passion. She grew up singing in choirs and then moved on to competing musically. During her years in college, she continued to pursue music by joining the UTSA Choir and then decided to perform at a more professional level. She has performed for weddings, festivals, as well as special city events in Texas. In addition, she has bee invited several times to sing the National Anthem for the San Antonio FC, a professional soccer team. At the age of 18, she formed the band Golden Reign. Leslie-Anne continues to expand her love for music and performing every day by exploring new ways to put on shows for audiences around San Antonio.


To learn more about Leslie-Anne and Golden Reign, check out their website at:

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