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Meet The Members




Leslie-Anne is a Singer/Songwriter in San Antonio, TX. She started singing at the age of 7, and began to learn to play the piano and clarinet when she was 11 years old but new singing was her primary passion. She grew up singing in choirs and then moved on to competing musically. She has performed for weddings, festivals, as well as special city events in the State of Texas. In addition, Leslie-Anne has been invited several times to sing the National Anthem for the San Antonio FC, a professional soccer team. At the age of 18, she formed the band ‘Golden Reign.’ Leslie-Anne continues to expand her love for music and performing every day by exploring new ways to put on shows for audiences around Texas.



Ryan Zarmbinski is a San Antonio local who has been playing the violin professionally for 8 years. As a member of a musical family, he has been exposed to various musical styles and influences from a very early age. After studying the voice and piano, he picked up the violin starting at age 9 and has been passionate about learning any genre or style of music he encountered. At age 12, he joined a local country-western band as a fiddle player, and he has been a part of a number of groups local to the San Antonio area spanning several genres, including country and bluegrass, classical, baroque, rock, folk, and jazz. He is also an active member of the community theater scene, performing in several theater productions with the Public Theater of San Antonio and the Woodlawn Theater. On a typical weekend, you'll find Ryan performing at weddings or playing shows at various venues around San Antonio.


Jennie is a San Antonio pianist who has been accompanying various choirs and playing in small bands in San Antonio for 40 years. She has played for weddings, funerals, choir programs, and concerts. She has been living in San Antonio since 1955 and grew up in a very musical family which led her to become passionately invested in music. She enjoys an array of musical genres, and is always looking for new ways to get musically challenged. Jennie currently accompanies the worship team and choir at the University Baptist Church.



Rene is a native of San Antonio, Texas. He is a well-regarded professional drummer and instructor. His ability and versatility to adapt to any style of music has allowed him to perform alongside some of music’s top musicians, including various national and international Smooth Jazz artists. Rene also stays busy in his hometown performing with numerous musicians of different genres. One of his life-long goals is to continue to share his wonderful, God-given, gift of drumming to everyone and to inspire, encourage and educate.


Shirley Johnson has been singing, dancing, and
performing music since she was 10 years old, when she started performing
with Croatian groups in Pittsburgh, PA, since this is her heritage. She is

comfortable performing as a soloist, often strolling while playing and
singing Italian or French music, or in bands playing Celtic, Gypsy Jazz,
Balkan, Polka/German, Klezmer, etc. music. Shirley’s musical career has
taken her many places: playing the accordion at Czechoslovakian festivals,
sing with the Duke University Chorale at Carnegie Hall in NYC and Disney
World, and tour in Northern Spain. 

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