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Leslie-Anne (Vocalist) 

Leslie-Anne, is a graduate student at the University of Texas Health Science Center. She is a classically trained soprano,  she grew up singing in choirs and then moved on to competing musically. She has performed for classical concerts with live orchestras in the States. She is a performer for weddings, festivals, live shows, and special city events. In addition, Leslie-Anne has been invited several times to sing the National Anthem for the San Antonio FC. She is the lead vocalist of the band ‘Golden Reign,’ which she formed 6 years ago. She is currently under vocal instruction/coaching with Celtic Woman Vocalist, Mairead Carlin. In 2023 she was named the 1st Place winner of the 20th Century Charleston International Music Competition for Vocalists. She toured with CMI Entertainment Celtic Angels Spring 2024 National Tour. Leslie-Anne continues to expand her love for music and performing every day by exploring new ways to put on shows for different audiences.

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