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Festival Performer

Why You Should Hire a Celtic Singer For Your Next Festival

There is no question that music can be powerful. In the case of Celtic music, it can be more powerful than medicine. Are you a listener of Celtic music? If you listen to Celtic music or have listened to it before, you might’ve sensed a feeling of happiness or feeling better. That is because studies have shown that Celtic music heightens positive emotions. It can stimulate dopamine, which makes us feel good. Just like other types of music that makes us feel good, neurological research shows that music can even improve our health and well-being in many ways. Because of its healing effects, it is no wonder why music has played a historic role in cultural rituals over the years. 


If you are planning to throw a festival and are looking for a festival performer, check out Golden Reign. Golden Reign is a local band in San Antonio, TX that concentrates on delivering a Celtic sound to all genres of music. Principal Vocalist and Celtic singer, Leslie-Anne strives to connect with audiences through the power of storytelling in Celtic music. Golden Reign performs for all types of events around the city, such as festivals, weddings, special events as well as host concerts throughout the year. Prepare to be taken away on a ‘Golden’ journey filled with Celtic wonders.


The joy that Celtic music brings to the table is just what people need to have a good time at your next festival. So if you are looking for a festival performer or for a Celtic singer to perform at your next event, make sure to contact Golden Reign. 

Learn more about Golden Reign and listen to their music at Prepare to be taken away on a ‘Golden’ journey filled with Celtic wonders.

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