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Celtic Music

Celtic Music - A Global Phenomenon

When you hear Celtic, you probably automatically think of Ireland. In a broad sense, you are right. While the Irish are the main producers of Celtic music, Celtic music can be anything related to the Celtic Nation, which includes Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Brittany. One hallmark of Celtic music are the narrative lyrics, which often tells a story with a beginning, middle and end. Key instruments to Celtic music are the fiddle, flute, bodhran, and harp. While they may share certain characteristics, over the years Celtic music has evolved from traditional Irish dance music and acapella narrative songs to include other subgenres, which include Celtic punk, Celtic new age and Celtic rock. Because of its charm and beauty, Celtic music, which was once limited to the western isles and Europe, has become a global phenomenon with musicians spanning to other parts of the world. 


If you love Celtic music and are looking for a music band for hire, contact Golden Reign. Golden Reign is a local music band in San Antonio, TX that concentrates on delivering a Celtic sound to all genres of music. Principal Vocalist and Celtic singer, Leslie-Anne strives to connect with audiences through the power of storytelling in Celtic music. Golden Reign performs for all types of events around the city, such as festivals, weddings, special events as well as host concerts throughout the year. 

You can learn more about their music band and hear samples of their music on their site at Prepare to be taken away on a ‘Golden’ journey filled with Celtic wonders.

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